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    Top 6 SEO Tips for 2023

    • Forget about SEO (for a second)
      Think about your own experience as a user of a website


    • Build Allies
      Business partnerships


    • Utilise SEO tools and Plugins
      Rank Math, Search Console, Majestic SEO, Rank Tracker


    • Interlink your pages
      Just like Wikipedia. Let’s assume I wanted to rank for ‘SEO Halifax‘, then I would include multiple internal links throughout my website, in order to draw Google’s attention to the page I want them to relate with that keyword.


    • Become a trustworthy authority
      Topical content that’s useful, informative, and extensive! Link your social media profiles up, create a buzz around you about your business


    • Revisit your content (and re-write it yourself!)
      It’s easy to check how many times your targeted keywords are – ctrl F, then type keyword
      Try to do as much of your website content in-house!