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    Building the foundations of a successful Google PPC Halifax campaign begins with extensive keyword research. We’ll suggest the most appropriate keywords for your budget and business goals.


    Our team will set up multiple campaigns for your website, along with AT LEAST 3 unique Ad variations for each and every keyword we target.


    The most effective bidding strategy we’ve found for text Ads is ‘broad match’ - We’ve created a substantial negative keyword list over the years to ensure that we only attract the most appropriate visitors. We’ll laser target your clicks whilst acquiring them at the cheapest rate.


    You can learn a LOT from what others are doing within your industry, and we asses who is doing what (and why) - but we will always strive to outperform your competition!


    We've studied factors that truly make a difference to the overall performance of a website - and we'll provide valuable professional Conversion Rate Optimisation recommendations, for FREE!


    Once a Google Ads set-up has begun, your campaign will require monitoring and improving! That's why we provide our monthly management service for FREE in the first month.

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    One does not simply ''Turn On Automated Bidding''

    Halifax Adwords Agency

    Meet Talk Sense


    We Talk Buisness Sense!

    First off, we have generated over 15,000 business leads via Google Ads in the last few years for our clients, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we know what we are doing. We stay on top of what's changing with Google Advertising, so you don't have to!

    We know how hard it can be to acquire leads for the RIGHT price, but we also know how rewarding it can be once you succeed in bringing a steady flow of enquiries through to your business. That's why we're here: to help you get there faster, easier, and with less risk than ever before.

    When it comes to your paid advertising spend, we'll ensure you're getting the most out of it.

    We're here to ensure your business is on the right track when it comes to Paid Google Advertising, as mistakes and oversights can be incredibly costly.

    Paid Ads Halifax

    We Believe in the Power of Local Business

    We know that most local businesses don't have the time or resources to manage their paid advertising campaigns effectively - that's why we do it for them!

    We've spent years studying how local businesses grow, and we've discovered the fundamental aspects that run right through almost all successful Google Ads Halifax Marketing Campaigns. Most of which start with a well-structured website and an exceptional service provided to your customers! Without it, you simply WILL NOT succeed!

    That's where we come in - we're here to help you figure out what works best for your business - and then give it our all so that you can focus on what matters most: running your business! We can steer you in the right direction (or tell you if you are too far off).

    Halifax Google Ads Services

    Google Ads Campaigns

    We can help you get started with Google Ads or help you level up your existing campaign. But if you want to see accurate results for your business (like more traffic, leads, and sales), then you need to take advantage of our Conversion Rate Optimisation services. We insist upon it!

    We've been providing SEO Halifax services to clients for over 15 years, and our SEO experience fits hand-in-hand with your PPC campaigns efforts.

    Talk Sense

    We only take on clients that we know we can help!

    That's why we exist: to help businesses like yours succeed online. We'll give you as much help as possible—from website funds to rental requirements to how to handle the sales pitch!

    We'll ensure your website is optimised for search engines so that anyone looking for the services or products you offer will find them when they search for them—and we'll do it without breaking your budget.

    Sorry, no eCommerce or product base services are accepted - Services only.

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      Google makes more money from your mistakes, than your success!

      Google Adwords Experts



      Monthly Contracts - You can cancel at any time (with no fees)

      A lot of Google Ads (Adwords) companies urge their clients to sign up for some pretty lengthy contracts. There's none of that with us - We ensure our clients feel comfortable with the work we deliver, without the need for complex terms & conditions! You can cancel our service ANYTIME!

      Paid Marketing Halifax

      We refuse to waste your time!

      Not every website or business is suitable for advertising within Google's paid Ads - Whether your budget is too small for the industry you're in, or a poor website, then we'll be honest and upfront with you!

      Google Experts Halifax

      Simple Pricing

      We keep our pricing simple - You can find our set-up costs and management services costs available below. There are no hidden fees! What you see is what you pay!

      Google Ads Halifax

      Completely FREE Conversion Rate Assistance

      What good is spending money on Google Advertising if your website doesn't convert visitors into quality business enquiries? Here at Talk Sense, we’ve witnessed over and over again how just a few simple changes can dramatically increase a website's conversion rate - and we're going to tell you exactly what you need to get fixed, for FREE!

      Top Of Google Halifax

      We're continually evolving

      Google can change faster than the speed of knots and if you’re not continually monitoring your campaigns on a daily basis, then you’re going to fall into the typical traps set out by Google and burn a LOT of money. We work on client campaigns day in, day out - we test, we learn, we evolve!

      PPC Experts Halifax

      We've delivered successful Google Ads campaigns for YEARS!

      With a plethora of knowledge and success with Google Ads (formally AdWords), we’re extremely confident that we can make a BIG impact on your business. We’ve generated literally thousands of leads for clients, and we'll use the same methods to help you grow too.

      Halifax Based Business

      We'll work exclusively with your business only!

      Once you become a client, we'll never work with another business within your industry for the duration you are with us, ensuring that we're not competing against our own campaigns!

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      Keep your conversions on your mind and your mind on your conversions

      Quality Service - Simple Pricing!


      From £550

      We'll create a powerful campaign that achieves high conversion rates whilst reducing the price you pay for quality business leads, saving you time AND money!



      From £150

      One month’s management is included within campaign set-ups! After that, we charge a minimal fee to optimise your campaigns to ensure you’re getting the best out of your marketing spend.



      From £0.00

      Because we understand how vitally important it is for your website to achieve a high conversion rate, we'll provide you with an improved design concept for your landing page(s), Absolutely FREE!




      Need us to implement the suggested website design and developing changes? No problem. Get in Touch and we’ll provide you with a quotation!


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        Trading Address: Talk Sense - Piece Mill, 27 Horton Street, Halifax, HX1 1QE