11 Reasons Why Most Local Business Owners Fail With Google Ads (Adwords)

Ever wondered why some Local Businesses expand their premises, whilst others shut their doors?

1. A Shit Website!

Sorry, but I can’t put this in a simpler way. If you’ve got a website that you’re not absolutely proud of, then you need to rethink it, before spending a penny on Adwords! If you KNOW that your website has problems, then DO NOT proceed with Adwords! Call To Action points on your website !!!!!!!! Clear action of exactly what you need the visitor to do (call, submit lead, subscribe)

2. Adwords Express,

By default, any website owner setting up a new Google Ads account is greeted by Adwords Express. If you’re new to Google Ads then you would be forgiven not to realise that this initial dashboard interface removes around 90% of features that a usual account would have.

3. Auto Recommendations,

Again, this is a default setting with which Google will implement changes without your knowledge, from serving the best Ads, to including additional keywords which may have zero relevance to your business and service.

4. Paying too much per click,

Google will squeeze you for money! Don’t fall into the trap of a bidding war – Pay only what you’re comfortable with and can afford. The results will be slower to start but after a few days Google will accept your bid and start showing your ads more prominently

5. Locations

Google isn’t the greatest at delivering to locations, so keep it restricted!!!!

6. Not enough Ads,

If you’ve got 1 ad serving 50 keywords, then you’ve got issues that you don’t know about. Serving ads with Ideally, you want 3-5 ads per keyword to give Google enough text Google Ads Halifax information.

7. Poorly Written Ads

Not giving enough information in the ads about how good your service is,

8. Price Conditioning
9. Wrong Keyword Type
10. Not updating your negative keyword list
11. Not using Ad Extensions

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