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The Talk Sense team: Welcome to a world of difference

With over 12 years experience within the SEO industry, you really can expect us to Talk Sense – We are a SEO Company Leeds that prides itself on RESULTS! We understand that the online world spins faster than any other and at Talk Sense we constantly evolve, adapt and innovate to deliver campaigns that are consistently ahead of the pack.

We are powered by people who know the industry inside out – who have 12 years’ worth of industry leading experience and who believe in innovation over and above the same old, same old. We are creative, yet technical – And our analytical skills are second to none – providing for online marketing strategies that are as memorable as they are measurable in the robust results that they achieve.

Our SEO Campaigns: Supercharging your business growth

Our lively team of committed professionals see SEO as a science, but we don’t talk in unfathomable industry language – we throw out the techno-babble jargon in favour of straight-talking strategies that supercharge business growth. We lead the way with a comprehensive and always up-to-date understanding of the ever-changing Google landscape – and we only ever deliver a service that surpasses our clients’ expectations.

Our campaigns are designed to focus upon your strengths and address your weaknesses for long-lasting results. We strike the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and good old fashioned human intelligence to achieve a sustainable boost to your business’s bottom line.

Do you ever feel a little bit misunderstood?

At Talk Sense, we aren’t just a group of SEO Specialists, we are marketing specialists and forward thinking business people – we appreciate the importance of rock solid commercial awareness when it comes to our clients. Our experience spans practically every industry and business type imaginable, including insurance, health and fitness, adult toys, removal companies, electrical goods and recycling businesses.

We are proud to have used our expertise to take an array of businesses to new heights where they’ve had to recruit new staff and expand their offices.

We provide an SEO Leeds Service with a huge difference! Not only do we have a wealth of knowledge throughout our team, from all different perspectives (user experience, website structure, design, copy-writing)

World class marketing strategies – straight and strictly from the UK

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we craft world class marketing strategies. We never outsource even the tiniest of elements of our service – all of our work is undertaken in-house and designed to meet the most stringent of standards, ensuring that you receive individual attention and the highest quality service an SEO Company in the UK provide.

If you think its expensive to hire an SEO professional, just wait until you hire an amateur

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This is the Era of Less is MORE with SEO

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You can’t just “SEO” your website and be done. Its a forever moving goal post.

What is SEO?

SEO Halifax or search engine optimisation is a marketing method which is used to help search engines find your website, decipher its purpose, and add it to their listings. The purpose of SEO is to push your website up the rankings on search engines so that you appear closer to the top of the page. Through utilising SEO techniques, you not only increase the organic visibility of your website, you also improve user functionality, creating a better user experience.

While many SEO Specialists claim to provide you with SEO overnight, here at Talk-Sense we recognise that SEO is an ongoing process of planning, implementing, analysing, monitoring, and improving the architecture of your website. A collection of in-depth techniques, SEO Leeds services can be split into three main categories: technical, on-page, and off-page.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO covers the backend architecture of your website and is geared toward assisting search engine spiders to crawl through the web of information on your website. Essentially, technical SEO provides the map to which search engines will utilise to understand and promote your website in their rankings. This stage of SEO Halifax requires an understanding of indexing and improving the functionality of the website, increasing its speed, compressing files to reduce data usage, optimising images, caching information, and so on. Technical SEO Specialists such as ourselves will create sound architectural features such as HTML and XML sitemaps, creating internal linkage networks, while locating and repairing any navigational errors to help the spiders crawl through the system, easily able to understand the layout of content and access it all without confusion. This side of SEO basically covers all the technical standpoints of the website, ensuring that everything functions smoothly, is displayed correctly, and operates to its highest capabilities, both on a computer screen and on smart devices. Our SEO Agency Leeds experts can handle all aspects of this for you.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO marketing refers to the content that the website provides the viewer. Any SEO specialist knows that relevant and contextual content will boost your website rankings while providing markers to search engine spiders that will support this process. In other words, producing content that appeals emotionally and practically to a consumer on a frequent basis is crucial, but it needs to be underpinned by ensuring all pages have titles, descriptions, images names, image captions, and so on. Equally, any genuine SEO service knows that linking your relevant content to websites with higher rankings will provide an indicator to search engine spiders of the subject of your content and its contextuality. This part of SEO essentially looks into what each page has to offer, whether it provides easily searchable, up-to-date and currently contextual information to potential consumers.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO relates to creating a community around your website that improve the rankings of the site in external locations. This area encompasses a whole arena of linking back to the website. For a SEO company to successfully create off-page SEO, they need to ensure that the website has a high number of diverse links back to the website, which feature dynamic content, videos, and infographics that are located on high ranking sources that were created organically. This could be through blogger reviews, magazine articles, social media sharing and so on. The idea here is to create a society of public interest around your website which extends the web outward to lead back to your products easily.

Why Do You Need to Hire an SEO Agency?

While many sources will claim that SEO is dead, any self-respecting SEO Leeds company will prove that it isn’t. This claim comes about due to the fact that search engine algorithms are now so sophisticated, that old ‘quick fix’ Black Hat SEO methods simply do not work anymore. If SEO is dead, then how come when you search for help with SEO, UK companies are falling over themselves to lend a hand! Here’s why you need it:

1. Even organic plants come from seeds

As the most forward-thinking SEO company Leeds have to offer, we know that you need your traffic flow to be organic in order to not be denounced by SEO spiders, the website has to plant the seed. Planting SEO seeds in the right place takes SEO specialists with dynamic skills and innovative forethought to consider how best to create a stir around your website. This is not lost on search engines spiders and algorithms will still respond to genuinely interesting content, even if it is marketed.

2. It’s Cost Effective

Paid-for advertisements are a waste of time. Rankings present a higher score for genuine backlinks in content over paid-for advertisements. Equally, the consumer is more likely to trust a blogger’s review than a Google advert. This means you save money on costly social media marketing and PPC advertising that simply doesn’t work. Moreover, while you spend time and money attempting to figure out what does work, as one of the most revered SEO companies UK has to offer, we make it our job to know what works, meaning we can supply the most cost-effective course of action tailored to your website.

3. Technology is Constantly Changing

As a specialist SEO company, we make sure we keep our staff trained and up to date with every new SEO service UK and worldwide. While you think you have mastered SEO and begin to start developing more products for your site, all of a sudden Google changes its algorithm, or the general SEO sentiment alters, or mobile data usage increases and a switch to local search optimisation become necessary. SEO is not a one-time deal because technology is constantly shifting and rejuvenating itself. This means that the SEO for your website needs to be constantly monitored, reassessed, and improved to keep you near the top of the rankings. Here at Talk-sense, we are at the frontline, ready to jump on any new advancements and use them to our advantage to help our customers.

4. Saves Time

SEO takes time. If it’s not the time for a content update, it’s time to reanalyse the analytics. If there’s not broken links to repair inside, it’s time to check all backlinks don’t need repairing elsewhere. SEO is a constantly shifting cycle of plugging holes and filling gaps, checking repairs and mending leaks. If you are spending all your time on SEO, the purpose of your website will start to drop off, making the whole process pointless. Why not relieve the stress from your end and save yourself some time by speaking to the most elite and innovative SEO company UK has on the market right now.

Understanding SEO and the importance of it will really help to push your website rankings up. However, with so much in-depth analysis and development to keep on top of, it’s worth look for a well-trained professional to dive into the fray for you. If you need an SEO Leeds-based company, here at Talk-Sense, we’re ready to battle the way to the top for your website.

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